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Only over the hill from San Agustinillo you get to Mazunte. In only 10 minutes walking distance you get into another world: Mazunte is more lively and has a variety of all kinds of shops and mostly in the high season it offers a good nightlife with a variety of bars and concerts etc…

Here you will also find the Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga, kind of a mix of museum and aquarium mostly about the turtles but also other beings of the pacific ocean. You can visit on your own or book a guided tour to get to know a lot about the turtles and its surroundings.

Mazunte is also place of some events which repeat every year like the big fiesta of the town which takes place the 14/15th of January with traditional dances, fair, concerts etc.
To the end of February/beginning of March there is the festival of circus with workshops for everyone as well as great circus shows by artists from all over the world.
Then by the middle of November there is the International Jazz Festival.

Holiday homes in Mazunte:



krokodilOnly some km west from Mazunte you get to Ventanilla, a little town with a long beach where turtles are still coming to lay their eggs. But the most precious thing about Ventanilla is its mangroves with its big variety of flora and fauna. A cooparative offers tours in a paddleboat, which is a unique possibility to watch from close the tropical birds, the iguanas on the top of the trees sunbathing, and in the dark water or lying in the warm sand the big crocodiles who seem to watching us as we are watching them…


EscobillaPlaya Escobilla, Schildkroetenbabies

The Playa Escobilla is a worldwide famous beach because of the big numbers of hawksbill turtles that arrive at this beach to lay their eggs.  Escobilla is about a half an hour drive from San Agustinillo but surely worth it when you have the luck to be here on one of the days when the hundreds of turtles come out of the ocean to lay their eggs. If you should have 40 days more you should come again to see now how the tiny turtles make their way out of their save nest in the sand to face so many dangers like hungry dogs, vultures and seagulls on the beach as well as pelicans and fish in the sea… there are always helping hands welcome to help the turtles at least get safely into the water…


ZipoliteSonnenaufgang roca blanca

About 10 min. east driving from San Agustinillo there is the famous beach of Zipolite. This must be one of the first touristy beaches in this region, discovered by the hippies that arrived here in the 70s to celebrate parties and their nudity.

Still you can feel this influence. It is one of the rare nude beaches and there is a lot of nightlife.


Zipolite is a zapotecan word which means ‘beach of the dead’ .

That is because the ocean here has very strong currents so that swimming here is not recommended because a lot of people have drowned here.


Playa Escobilla, Sonnenuntergang