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delfinSan Agustinillo offers a big variety of activities:

Naturally first of all there is the beautiful pacific ocean which invites to just swim or snorkel in its calm waters in the bay of the main beach or to play with your kids in the mellow waters here. The other part of the beach with higher waves  is made for the more extreme sports like boogieboarding or surfing the waves.

A big adventure is the ‘tour’ , a about 3 hours lasting tour in a little motorboat, where your guide lets you know a lot about this part of the coast and where you can discover some of the wildlife of the pacific ocean: en Roca Blanca you see the cormorans and other birds nesting Wal

, most of the time the boat  suddenly  finds itself in the middle of a group of dolphins running with the boat and jumping around, you see turtles swimming calmly through the ocean, mantas jumping out of the water, and with some luck, mostly in the winter months, the majestic whales on their way down. Sometimes even whole families with their just born babies coming down from the warm waters of baja California. Usually you see grey whales , but sometimes also orcas or a giant blue whale.

They also offer fishing tours or kayak tours on the rivers of this region.


And if you should need some relaxing after so much adventure you can find various forms for relaxing and centering yourself:

Yoga and meditation classes (whole courses or drop in classes), and there are offered various kinds of massages like traditional or water massage , and other therapies like Reiki, Temazcal etc…


Though it’s a quiet town, you won’t need to get bored here…