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San Agustinillo

Strand mit Surfer

San Agustinillo is a beautiful little beach town of about 300 inhabitants on the southern pacific coast of  Mexico, about one hour north from the bahias de Huatulco or one hour south from surf town Puerto Escondido where also would be the next airports.

Until about 20 years ago people here still lived of hunting the sea turtles what luckily was prohibited  by then. So now the living is made of fishing and more and more of tourism.

But luckily kind of a soft tourism: buildings shouldn’t pass height by 7 meters and are mostly built nicely in the hills and disturbing beach activities like jetski  are prohibited in the bay of San Agustinillo.

All together San Agustinillo is a quiet and familiar town, consisting mainly of the main street that passes through the whole town behind the beach restaurants while on the other side of that street the houses are built in the hills. There are quiet a few little shops, Internet places, different kinds of restaurants  and accommodation from a simple room to completely equipped beautiful houses. Also a big variety of therapies, massages, yoga, meditation etc. is offered.

The nice main beach is separated in 2 kind of calm bays where it is possible nearly all year round to play even with kids in the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. At the east side from there are the almost native but wilder long beaches which are more frequented by the surfers or invite for a sunset walk along the beach.